Rita Kumar

Rita is a Knowledge Management professional and consultant focused on improving collaboration and information flow in complex organizations.  Her areas of specialization include Knowledge Management Strategy, Frameworks, and Roadmaps with a focus on engagement and adoption.  She has extensive experience in small to medium sized companies as well as public sector and non-profit organizations such as UNDP Asia Pacific, Global Environmental Facility (GEF), International Finance Corporation (IFC), UNDP Europe & CIS, UNDP India, Government of India, Adaptation Fund, RTI, and The World Bank - USA amongst others.  She also leads the Knowledge Management division at Cornerstone on Demand and previously led the Knowledge Management Program at Hewlett Packard Cloud Services. Rita has also served as the lead Enterprise Architect at Cisco Systems- USA.  One of her more recent projects was with both UNDP Asia Pacific and UNDP Europe where Rita has been instrumental in developing Knowledge Management roadmaps, systems/tools for tacit knowledge capture and sharing, and further translating this into key metrics with new hire training and on-boarding.  She also is Adjunct Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University School of Business.


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